Breast Surgery Bursa

Breast Surgery is an advanced specialty for breast cancer surgeries, the incidence of which has increased in recent years. Breast surgeons in our country consist of general surgeons who specialize in this field.

The importance of breast surgery is due to the correct decision of which surgery will be performed on which patient, rather than the technical characteristics of the surgery. Therefore, the experience of the surgeon is of great importance.

The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer is primarily evaluated in the fields of general surgery and breast surgery.

Today, basically, breast surgeries are in the form of removing the entire breast (mastectomy) or removing a part of it (lumpectomy). Removal of only part of the breast is also called breast-conserving surgery.

Apart from these, there are also surgical procedures such as investigating whether the cancer in the breast has spread to the axillary lymph nodes (sentinel lymph node biopsy) and surgical removal of the axillary lymph nodes (armpit lymph node dissection).

Current Treatment in Breast Surgery; Gamma Probe

One of the biggest fears of women today is breast cancer. However, thanks to advances in medicine, it is not necessary to remove all lymph nodes in the armpit during surgery.

With sentinel lymph node biopsy, the “first lymph node” in the armpit can be found and removed with gamma probe technology.

Breast cancers can be detected at earlier stages compared to the past, with frequent screenings in recent years and increasing awareness of community members.

Meme Cerrahisinde Güncel Tedavi; Gama Prob

What is Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer surgery; It is the main method used in the treatment of breast cancer. Due to the anatomical localization and structure of the breast tissue, breast cancer can be detected and examined much more easily than other cancer types. The decision to start breast cancer with surgical treatment primarily depends on the stage of the cancer. Patient’s age, general health status, molecular subtype of cancer, etc. characteristics are also factors that affect the decision of surgical treatment. The surgical method to be applied may depend on factors such as how many foci the disease has started in, the size of the cancer, breast volume, and the presence of other accompanying health problems.

Which Diseases Does Breast Surgery Treat?

Breast surgery should take place in the treatment of malignant breast diseases and all kinds of benign breast diseases. Physicians specializing in breast surgery closely monitor cases such as cysts, tumors and cancer in the chest area and determine the character of the diseases.

He finds the problems of patients who apply to them with complaints such as pain, stiffness or burning in the chest areas. It diagnoses diseases such as tumors, cysts or cancer and finds out whether they are benign or malignant. By following different treatment methods in accordance with each type of disease, in some cases, it solves the problem without even removing the breasts of women.

Since breast cancer is the more popular breast disease in society, cancer surgery is talked about more. The incidence of breast cancer has increased in recent years. The incidence in Turkey is generally similar to the rates in Europe and America. It is thought that the incidence of breast cancer in our country has increased with the spread of the Western lifestyle. It is a generally accepted approach that lifestyle changes increase the risk of breast cancer.

Breast Surgery Bursa

Breast surgery is performed by highly competent doctors in Bursa. In our country, the incidence of breast cancer is higher in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and in the west of the country, due to population density and lifestyle habits, compared to other cities. In addition to being a metropolis, Bursa is a city where health institutions that provide qualified diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer patients coming from neighboring provinces such as Kütahya, Balıkesir, Bilecik, Eskişehir, Sakarya, Yalova, Kocaeli and Çanakkale and abroad operate.

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What is Oncoplastic Breast Cancer Surgery?

Obtaining a beautiful cosmetic appearance as a result of filling the gap that occurs as a result of removal of cancerous tissue during Breast Cancer Surgery with healthy breast tissue or neighboring muscle tissues is called Oncoplastic Breast Surgery.

Breast Conserving Surgery Application in the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease that can be treated if diagnosed early. Today, it is not preferred to completely remove the breast unless it is very necessary. Therefore, breast loss can be prevented by breast-conserving surgical treatment when diagnosed at an early stage. In this process, the role of working in coordination with a medical oncologist and radiation oncologist in the definitive success in the treatment of the disease is indisputable.

Preoperative correct microscopic diagnosis is extremely important in planning breast-conserving surgical treatment. For this reason, the biopsy procedure to be performed and the selection of the biopsy method almost play a key role. Inappropriately selected biopsy technique can lead to inadequacies in the diagnosis, even mistakes, and unnecessary biopsy repetitions. Not only that, it can also negatively affect the cosmetic results of the breast-conserving surgical treatment technique applied.

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