Breast Reconstruction

Meme Dokusunun Oluşturulması

In some cases, your breast surgeon will be able to tell you that your breast needs to be removed. This does not mean that your disease is widespread. Since the breast is an important symbol for women, in cases where it needs to be removed (mastectomy), a new breast is made instead. There are studies showing that this will be a very important psychological support for women. Women who have had a mastectomy may request a new breast (breast reconstruction) using their own tissues or a silicone prosthesis during or after the mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction is the reconstruction of the breast. There are different methods used for this purpose. Reconstruction can be performed using a silicone prosthesis or the patient’s own tissue (autogenous). Your plastic surgeon; It can take the tissues (skin and muscle) in question from the anterior abdominal wall or your back. However, your breast surgeon will decide whether this procedure can be performed during the surgery. In appropriate cases, he or she will make you meet with an experienced plastic surgeon.

The options listed above for breast reconstruction have advantages and disadvantages. What is suitable for one woman may not be suitable for another. The important thing is that every woman with breast cancer should be evaluated by a breast surgeon before surgery and seek consultation from a plastic surgeon when necessary.

What kind of breast reconstruction will be good depends on the age of the woman, her body structure and the type of surgery she has undergone.

The plastic (aesthetic) surgeon informs the patient, including the answers to the following questions:

When can reconstruction be done?
Which method is right for me?
What are the benefits and risks of the method in question (during or after surgery)?

What is the current information about the safety of silicone breast implants?

Studies on silicone prostheses used in breast reconstruction show that they can be used safely. Your plastic surgeon will give you the necessary information in this regard.

How many surgeries can this procedure be accomplished?
How will I look after the surgery?
Will there be scars on my body? Where? What kind of trace?
If skin, muscle and fat are to be taken from another part of my body, will there be a permanent change in the place where these tissues are taken?
What should I not do after the operation? When can I return to my usual activities?
Will I need care after the surgery?
What is the cost of the reconstruction? Will my health insurance cover it?


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