Size En Uygun Silikon Nasıl Seçilir?

How to Choose the Most Suitable Silicone for You?

Every woman’s breast is as unique as her fingerprint. The structure of the rib cage, its angle, the thickness and flexibility of the skin, the posture, the shape and width of the area where the mammary gland begins (footprint) are different in every woman and lead to the development of a personalized breast structure. The silicone prostheses produced, on the other hand, come in certain molds because they are fabricated. A manufacturer’s silicone variety is between 250-300. The most important step of breast augmentation surgery is to choose the most suitable prosthesis among them.

How to choose the most suitable prosthesis for you? In this regard, the first step is to decide what size you want. Psychological studies show that women do not dare to express the dimension they actually want. Another mistake made in this regard, especially in Turkish patients, is to confuse the size of the bra, such as 80-90, with breast size. The best expression of breast size is the “cup sizes” that go as A, B, C, D DD.

The next step is to choose the breast shape. You can do this by bringing photos of the breasts you like. At this stage, it becomes somewhat clear whether a round or drop-shaped prosthesis will be chosen.

Of course, you will also need to have a chest structure in which what you want can be applied. For this, your doctor takes detailed measurements of your breasts. These are listed as width, height, projection, amount of stretching, distance between neck and nipple, skin thickness, etc. The most critical of these measurements is the width of the breast. The limiting step in determining the size of the prosthesis is the width of the breast base. Because if you go sideways, more armpits will be entered, so it cannot be exceeded.

Then, your doctor chooses a few prostheses that are most suitable for you from the catalogs of companies that produce various silicone prostheses according to the measurements they take. There are two methods to pre-determine which of these will yield results: Your pre-operative photographs can be uploaded to the simulation system, and how the results will be obtained with the selected prostheses can be simulated. Crisalix® is one of these systems. By looking at this simulation, a sketch is formed that you can discuss with your doctor about what size or shape you want in general, although it is not exactly one-to-one. But the real live trial is done by placing the prostheses selected during the surgery on your chest and watching how you sit at the table while you sleep. Usually, several types of prostheses and trial pairs are brought in sizes close to the measurements made for the surgery.

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