Meme Kanserinde Onkoestetik Cerrahi Tedavisi

Oncoesthetic Surgery Treatment in Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can now be treated with developing surgical techniques without removing the entire breast. In this surgical treatment, cancerous tissue is removed with the onco-aesthetic surgical methods applied and the breast gains an upright appearance with breast aesthetics. With this method, there is a better view of the enlarged, deformed and even sagging breast tissue.

With the oncoesthetic surgery technique, the cancerous tissue is removed and then an aesthetic and upright breast can be made with the remaining breast tissue. Some patients also have this procedure done on their healthy breasts, depending on their wishes. Under the leadership of these developing new surgical techniques, patients diagnosed with cancer are somewhat motivated by the sense of renewal given by the plastic surgery to be performed. Oncoesthetic surgery techniques can be applied to both breasts. Optionally, it can be applied not only to the cancerous breast, but also to the healthy breast. After this procedure, it becomes upright, symmetrical and more aesthetic.

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