Meme Rekonstrüksiyonu (Meme Onarımı)

It is the process of reconstructing breast tissue removed for cancer or other reasons. It is possible to make reconstructions that are very similar to other breasts with the developing techniques.

Studies and our own experiences show that breast reconstruction surgeries provide psychological support to women.

Thanks to the new technologies in medicine, the breast created in reconstruction surgeries can be very similar to the natural breast.

Who are suitable candidates for breast reconstruction (repair)?

Almost all mastectomy patients can be suitable candidates for breast reconstruction. In these patients, breast reconstruction (repair) can be performed at the same time as mastectomy (breast removal). However, some patients may be advised by their surgeons to wait for reconstruction surgery (for example, if the breast is to be repaired with the patient’s own tissue (flap transfer), obesity, high blood pressure and smoking).

What are the risks that can be observed in breast reconstruction?

It can be observed after all surgical operations; The risks of bleeding, edema/fluid collection or anesthesia problems can also be observed after breast reconstruction surgeries.

In smokers, wound healing may be delayed or scarring may appear more. If a prosthesis is to be used, there may be a rare risk of developing an infection. In such cases, it may sometimes be necessary to remove the prosthesis and put it back in months later.

Capsular contracture is the most common problem in prosthesis use. In capsule cantracture; The scar tissue around the prosthesis compresses the prosthesis, which creates the feeling of breast hardness. Capsule contracture can be treated.

Breast reconstruction (repair) has no effect on cancer recurrence (recurrence). In addition, it does not create a situation that prevents radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

What are the types of prosthesis used in breast reconstruction?

The outer part of all breast prostheses is made of silicone. Inside, there is silicone gel or saline (salt water mixture).

These two types of prostheses can also be used safely.

Onko-Estetik Cerrahi

Onco-Aesthetic breast surgery; It means that surgery for breast cancer is performed together with plastic surgery methods to improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast. The method consists of combining the principles of oncological surgery and plastic surgery. The patient has both cancer surgery and the breast can be protected aesthetically.

Until the last decades, the entire breast was removed in breast cancer surgeries. Negative results were seen in terms of body integrity perception and psychological effects. Over the years, when it was understood that breast cancer could be treated without removing the breast, Onco-Aesthetic methods came to the fore.

Today, Onco-Aesthetic breast surgery primarily consists of removing large enough tissue to provide safe surgery without compromising the principles of cancer surgery in people who will undergo breast-conserving surgery, and closing the remaining breast space in the most aesthetic way. In addition, in patients with large breasts, it is possible to both get rid of cancer and reach a more suitable breast volume by reducing the breast with cancer and the opposite breast in the same session.

In patients for whom breast-conserving surgery is not possible, surgery can also be performed, if appropriate, by removing the inside of the breast completely and filling it with a silicone prosthesis or the person’s own tissues. Prostheses are used more frequently since they are now understood to be reliable.

Breasts can be reconstructed using the back muscles in those with a suitable body structure, and abdominal muscles and skin in those with a belly, and tummy tuck surgery is performed at the same time.

In patients with familial cancer risk or high-risk patients, prophylactic mastectomy can be performed without cancer by removing the inside of the breast and placing a prosthesis. Thus, the risk of breast cancer is minimized.

The method of Onco-Aesthetic surgery varies according to the patient, the type of treatment of the disease and time. The surgeon and the patient should discuss and choose the method together.
The advantages of Onco-Aesthetic surgery are that it allows wider surgery, better local control, better aesthetic results, reduced mastectomy rate, convenience to radiotherapy, providing breast equality, application in a single session, high quality of life, high patient satisfaction, cheaper and easier than late repairs.

Meme Kanserinde Onkoestetik Cerrahi Tedavisi

Breast cancer can now be treated with developing surgical techniques without removing the entire breast. In this surgical treatment, cancerous tissue is removed with the onco-aesthetic surgical methods applied and the breast gains an upright appearance with breast aesthetics. With this method, there is a better view of the enlarged, deformed and even sagging breast tissue.

With the oncoesthetic surgery technique, the cancerous tissue is removed and then an aesthetic and upright breast can be made with the remaining breast tissue. Some patients also have this procedure done on their healthy breasts, depending on their wishes. Under the leadership of these developing new surgical techniques, patients diagnosed with cancer are somewhat motivated by the sense of renewal given by the plastic surgery to be performed. Oncoesthetic surgery techniques can be applied to both breasts. Optionally, it can be applied not only to the cancerous breast, but also to the healthy breast. After this procedure, it becomes upright, symmetrical and more aesthetic.