Meme Silikonu Nedir ?

What is Breast Silicone?

Silicone breast prostheses were created in 1963, inspired by the plastic bags used in blood transfusions that resemble a breast when carried. Silicone prostheses are materials filled with gel-like silicone, surrounded by a more solid silicone sheath, and can be produced in a round or oval shape. The consistency of the gel is very similar to that of an adult female breast and they are not noticeable on the body.

Silicon is one of the most common elements on earth. The combination of silicon with other elements creates a family of silicons with different structures. Depending on the properties of the joint, silicones can be found in solid, gel or liquid form (Figure 1). The most important difference between silicones used in industry and daily life and those used in breast prostheses is that medical silicones are pure and compatible with the body. Apart from breast prostheses, medical silicones are widely used in areas ranging from catheters to joint prostheses, heart valves and penile prostheses.

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